Always Dreamed African Photographic Safari?

Wildlife photography never mixed up with the ordinary tours safari at all! 

As a photographer, you can know the level of frustration whenever an uninterested person interfered with your focus.

Wildlife photography safari is a special safari whose success relies heavily on your patience, preparation, and dedication. Not only that but must have a Tour guide who knows what Safari photography is and knows how to position his Van for the perfect capture.

This is the reason we have designed the special package for you an African wildlife  Photographer!

What to capture in Tanzania.

Find the Perfect Photographic Safari

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Experienced and Dedicated Guide.

Our expert Naturalist Photo-Guide has over 10 plus years of experience in photographic African safaris, they are knowledgeable and extremely dedicated to making sure your photo safari exceeds the expectations. 

Early waking up and late staying in order to maximize the light and wildlife movement is very normal to them.

Dedicated Vehicles and small Group.

Our 4x 4 Vehicles are customized for Photographing. They have features like mounted Swivel Chairs, Camera Mountings, and wide pop-up roofs which give the advantage of multiple angles.

Our groups are having  4 to 6   members,  each with Window View with amp space between them, which allows free movement around while keeping all  Equipment in a safe space.

Dedicated Accommodation.

You will stay in a room/ tent designed specifically for photograph purposes. Camera Charging facilities, editing place, table, and chair for laptops, etc can be provided for you.

Early waking up and late staying in order to maximize the light and wildlife movement is very normal to them.

Customized Itenary for Photographic Safari.

Our Itineraries designed in the mind of a photograph. Example January to April where wildebeest are at shortgrass of southern Serengeti, all our itineraries will be focusing on southern Serengeti. For bird lovers,  our itineraries start from March where birds are starting breeding.

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